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Quick Operation Guide

User Manual

08-06-2014 (Confirmed Stable)

01-22-2014 (newest firmware available, nice improvements but a few minor bugs.)  (Use IE when remote viewing)

IP Cameras

DS-2CD2132 & DS-2CD2032: User Manual

DS-2CD2032-I, DS-2CD2132-I, DS-2CD2732F-I, DS-2CD2632F-I, DS-2CD2332-I: Firmware

Search Active Device Protocol (SADP)

iVMS-4200 v2.00.02.50 (Windows)

iVMS-4200 (Mac)

iVMS-4200 PCNVR v1.03

Hikvision Tools V1.1.0.4

MAC Plugin (for Safari/Chrome viewing)
(download plugin and close ALL browsers, then install)

Guides & Tutorials

Hikvision IP Camera Setup

Hikvision NVR Quick Setup Guide
Tutorial Videos

1. Hikvision IP Camera Setup

2. Setting up motion detection on a Hikvision NVR

3. iVMS-4200: Device Management

4. Recording Motion Detection using iVMS-4200 PCNVR